About us -Company Overview-

METABOSTEM is a Barcelona-based Biopharmaceutical Company passionately committed to transforming the lives of cancer patients by entering a new dimension of precision medicine. The pioneering science behind METABOSTEM has the goal of developing breakthrough oncology drugs directed to the unique metabolic features of cancer stem cells (CSCs), the most dangerous & deadliest type of cancer cell. The Company is a spinout of the Catalan Institute of Oncology.

Inspired by cancer patients and frustrated by the gene-centric limitations of current therapeutics against cancer and CSCs, the METABOSTEM team aims to offer the power of eliminating the life-threatening activity of CSCs using a first-in-class family of innovative metabolic drugs, together with their companion diagnostics.

METABOSTEM envisions to revolutionarily expand & diversify current approaches to treating cancer. The Company’s mission & vision will drive it to become a leading biotech Company in the field of cancer precision medicine differentially focused on the metabolism of CSCs, the origin & cause of deadly cancers.

METABOSTEM’s scientific founder, Dr. Javier A. Menendez, has made discoveries that causally link cellular metabolism to the emergence of CSCs, resulting in the origin of a new-dimensional cancer hallmark called metabostemness. Building on these discoveries, METABOSTEM will open the door to a new dimension of cancer precision medicine by exploiting the vulnerability of the under explored framework linking metabolism & epigenetics with CSC function. The METABOSTEM approach provides an exclusive opportunity to develop next generation anti-CSC therapeutics along with companion diagnostics from its design, preclinical, and early efficacy studies in humans (Phase I-IIA clinical trials).

Our values

METABOSTEM’s Mission, Vision, Strategy & Goals are the foundations of the Company. They serve as a roadmap for accomplishments and the benchmark by which the Company will measure its performance each year:

  • Mission

    To pioneer the discovery & development of innovative drugs based on the metabolism of cancer’s deadly CSCs

  • Vision

    To become a world premier Biopharmaceutical Company in the field of cancer precision medicine focused on CSC metabolism

  • Strategy

    To adopt an “all-in-one” approach to “track & treat” a distinct set of cells at the root of cancer drug resistance and metastasis

  • Goals

    To transform the lives of cancer patients with safer, more effective metabolic therapies aimed at killing CSCs


At METABOSTEM we consider that:

  • The metabostemness hallmark provides a unique framework to discover & develop innovative drugs aimed at re-writing or uninstalling the metabolic operating system of CSCs.

  • METABOSTEM drugs, either in combination with other cancer treatments or alone, can kill all of the cells comprising a tumor and, thus create a durable clinical response.

  • The ability of CSCs to specifically overproduce certain CSC oncometabolites allows for the development of non-invasive diagnostic devices able to monitor, for the first time, the spatio-temporal distribution of CSCs in real-time.

  • Coupling the development of drugs directed against the metabolic operating system of CSCs with the use of diagnostic devices able to detect and track the metabolic functioning of CSCs will transform lives of cancer patients by entering a new dimension of precision medicine.

Pipeline -Portfolio & Development Status-

Pipeline development

MS-001: A first-in-class, dual-action metabolo-epigenetic drug

The Company is currently in the late preclinical testing stages and early formulation development of its most advanced chemical lead candidate, MS-001. MS-001 is a first-in-class, dual-action metabolo-epigenetic drug. Using METABOSTEM’s scientific knowledge of the metabostemness cancer hallmark, METABOSTEM identified MS-001 as a valuable drug candidate for eradicating CSCs. Research on MS-001 included a systematic analysis of the anti-CSC activity on in vitro and in vivo human-derived models of biologically aggressive, CSC-enriched types of human carcinomas.

Metabostem’s core team

Core team of experts in cellular metabolism disorders, clinical management of cancer, and development of early stage biotechnology companies.

Inma Valle

Inma Valle

PhD, MBM Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Inma worked as Independent Advisor and Investor in the Biotechnology sector. She was Investment Manager at Caixa Capital Risc, venture arm of La Caixa, were she lead +10 investments in the Life Sciences Sector and sat as Board Member at 4 biotechnology companies. Previously, she spent 4 years working as a researcher at the Diabetes Center at UCSF, where she focused on central regulation of metabolic disorders (obesity, type 2 diabetes, etc). She holds a PhD in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from University Autónoma of Madrid, and a Master in Biotechnology Management with a focus on healthcare from IE Business School.

Javier A. Menéndez

Javier A. Menéndez

PhD Co-founder & Chairman

Javier is currently the head of the Metabolism & Cancer Group -Program Against Cancer Therapeutic Resistance (ProCURE) at the Catalan Institute of Oncology in Girona (ICO-Girona). Previously, he worked as scientist and Professor at several academic institutions, among them: the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley University), the Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Research Institute, and at the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University (Chicago, Illinois, USA). Javier holds a PhD in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from Complutense University, Madrid, Spain

Begoña Martín Castillo

Begoña Martín Castillo

PhD Co-founder & Clinical Advisor

Begoña is currently head of the Clinical Research Unit at ICO-Girona. She has been responsible por coordinating numerous clinical trials, including the first worldwide phase II clinical trial aimed to test the clinical value of repositioning metabolic drugs (i.e., the anti-diabetic metformin) to impede CSC-driven relapse in women suffering from an aggressive type of breast cancer. Begoña holds a PhD in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from Complutense University, Madrid, Spain. She also holds Masters degrees in Business Process Direction, in Methodology, Design & Development of Clinical Trials, and in Research Methodology.


To Contact us, please use the contact form be or send us a mail at info(ELIMINAR)@metabostem.com